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In 1997, the founders of USPTV watched an experimental local TV project based in Ireland, funded by Eu cash (of course!)

With around £25k worth of equipment, and satellite capacity provided by GE on their DBS Sirius satellite,  a local radio crew in Limerick set about doing pretty much what came naturally. And the results were unexpectedly riveting. It was a microcosm of network TV, but more absorbing since this was the ultimate in real reality TV - not the contrivance of the same name created by cynical broadcasters that subsequently flooded network schedules.

  • Entertainment: Karaoke night at the pub
  • Sports: Football and hockey in the local park
  • Nature: The local vet's rounds and consulting room
  • Business: Interview with a high street shopkeeper
  • Health: The doctor's surgery
  • and so on...
The development of "the perfect platform" for this type of narrow/broadcasting has continued in various ways since those first thought-provoking moments. With distribution costs and setup now much simplified by the near universal availability of broadband/DSL -  USPTV is devising innovative solutions  as conventional scheduled TV is overtaken by the type of deliverable that consumers now expect and require in the next few years.

Whilst the commercial TV debate has tended to fret about the ease with viewers can skip commercials, content providers have been thinking harder about getting paid directly for various forms of VOD, and traditional scheduled broadcasting has just about lost its entire raison d'Ítre.

Our unique IncenTV proposition addresses all these issues (and more) to provides an intelligent fusion of technologies. In particular, IncenTV encourages the engagement of buyers with sellers, and restores TV's preeminent role as an advertising mass medium.

The core issue around interactivity is not about "will TV end up on a computer screen, or computing be done on a TV screen" but what device can sit in the middle, and act as a "fulcrum" to leverage the best from both.


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